Building Digital Twins for Smart Buildings and Smart Power Generators

This project focuses on building digital twins for Smart Buildings (e.g., Smart Hospitals) and Smart Power Generators (e.g., Wind Turbines) for advanced analyses with AI techniques.

This project will develop working digital twin prototypes for one of the following areas:

Topic 1: Digital Twins for Smart Buildings: This topic will focus on building
digital twins for smart buildings such as the intelligent hospital to improve hospital processes and workflows (e.g., patient flow), optimizing resource utilization (e.g., equipment, IoT-based devices), and dealing with uncertain and emergent situations efficiently (e.g., emergency conditions).

Topic 2: Digital Twins for Smart Power Generation: This topic will focus on developing digital twins for wind turbines, e.g., to optimize their production power, and reduce downtime with predictive maintenance.


The goal is to develop digital twins for smart buildings and smart power generators.

Learning outcome

You will learn about the cutting-edge technology of digital twins, applied AI techniques, and gain knowledge about an area with high industrial and societal values.


Programming skills and familiarity with machine learning frameworks such as Pytorch and Keras is an added advantage.


  • Shaukat Ali
  • Tao Yue

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