Deep Learning for Soccer Game Analysis


Agadus is a full system ranging from capturing data from cameras to delivery of individual camera angles and sequences to end-users. This includes parallell and distributed processing on CPUs and GPUs, high-speed interconnection networks, computer vision and video management, usable user interfaces in browsers and mobile apps, etc. Thus, there are many opportunities for an interesting master topic, both for single students and groups.

Description of topic

In this master project, we aim to further develop BAGADUS which is currently in use at Ullevaal Stadium for the National soccer team and at Alfheim stadium for Tromsø IL.


The goal is to utilise deep learning for player and ball tracking in the Bagadus system.

Learning outcome

Image and video processing skills and machine learning.


Signal processing, good programming skills


  • Pål Halvorsen
  • Michael Riegler