Digital Twin Applications in Healthcare

This master project will focus on the design of digital twin models for medical Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs).

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world system that can be used to understand, predict, and improve the performance of its physical counterpart [1]. Unlike simulations that are often limited to a particular component of the CPS under test, digital twins allow for modelling multiple processes at the same time. In addition, digital twins benefit from utilising real-time data both from but also to the original object. As a result, the application of digital twins for software systems is increasing in popularity. This thesis will investigate the use of digital twin applications in the field of healthcare. In particular, it will focus around the design of a digital twin model for a smart pill medical dispenser ( The student will have full access to the physical CPS along with its associated software solution ( The project is in collaboration with the Oslo Kommune.


The goal of this thesis is to design a digital twin model that serves as a digital representation of a real-world medical CPS.

Learning outcome

The master student will gain knowledge and experience on how to design, implement, and develop digital twins models for medical CPSs.


  • Software engineering knowledge
  • Programming skills
  • Experience with AI and ML algorithms is an added advantage


  • Shaukat Ali
  • Tao Yue
  • Konstantinos Kousias



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