Improving Gaming Quality of Experience by using SDN-based Cloud Gaming

In this master thesis by using Software Defined Networking(SDN), quality of experience in cloud gaming will be improved.

In recent years, due to the existence of fast and reliable core networks and the increasing prevalence of cloud infrastructures, more services tend to move from the end users to the cloud servers. Cloud gaming is one of these services which is rapidly growing. In Cloud Gaming (CG), powerful servers render the game events and stream the resulted encoded videos to the thin clients. These thin clients then decode the incoming streamed video scenes and display them to the players. Players input also will be sent to the servers via the network. CG has many advantages for both end users and game developers. Gamers are no longer required to purchase high-end graphics devices, and developers no longer have to fear software piracy since the game engine does not leave the cloud. However, cloud gaming has its challenges. The most important challenges are high bandwidth requirement which has been addressed by video compression and network delay. Both of them inherently impact gamers’ quality of experience (QoE).

Different games need a different quality of service(QoS), for example, a shooting game like Counter-Strike for providing a good Quality of Experience(QoE) needs to be run with a lower delay than a platform game like Super Mario. In addition, even different state of a game can have different QoS requirements. For example, in Counter-Strike, gamers need to have a lower delay when they are shooting to an enemy than the time when they are just walking or buying a weapon. The same thing also exists for the required bandwidth; some part of the games need more bandwidth than the others. With the current network, packets cannot be well prioritized and resources cannot be well allocated. In this master project by using SDN, packets of each game and scenario with respects to their QoS requirements would be prioritized and then will be sent to the clients. By using SDN resource will be well allocated and gaming QoE will be improved.

Learning outcome

  • Quality of Experience
  • Software Defined Network
  • Cloud Gaming


  • Background in Linux
  • Background in Network and SDN


  • Carsten Griwodz