Performance of Video Applications in Mobile Networks


The immense popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, combined with the availability of high-capacity 3G and 4G mobile networks, has radically changed the way most people access and use the Internet. Among different applications, popular media intensive applications stimulate the demand for video content and real time communication services. Therefore, video is the fastest growing segment of mobile data traffic. It is expected to grow around 13 times by 2019, by which time it is forecasted to account for over 50 percent of all global mobile data traffic. Considering the significance of video applications in future internet, there is a strong need to analyse the performance of such applications in operational 3G and 4G networks both in stationary and mobile scenarios.


The goad of the project is to define and monitor objective network performance metrics in the context of MBB operators considering video on demand delivery. Leveraging the access to MONROE measurement platform, we plan to design and perform large-scale active video measurements both in stationary and mobile scenarios. The main task of the thesis will be to develop a general mapping between the objective quality of service (QoS) parameters derived from the state of the network and subjective QoE metrics for VOD services.

Learning outcome

  • mobile broadband networks
  • video transmission, especially MPEG-DASH
  • experimental data collection
  • data analytics


  • Basic knowledge on networks
  • Programming skills (preferably Python)
  • Some experience with data analytics is a plus


Özgü Alay

Collaboration partners