A proxy for reliable 5G (and beyond) mmWave communication

MmWave offers ultra high wireless capacities, but these capacities fluctuate wildly. This project aims to develop a proxy for reliable consistent mmWave communication using multiple concurrent mmWave paths.

The project has two parts: Path management and path scheduling. Each of which could be a masters project on its own. The project will incorporate this advanced functionality into a very basic proxy that can use multiple paths.

Path Management:
Incorporate a model based path manager into the basic proxy. The model part of the path manager has been written in Julia (a Matlab like language). Once implemented, the path manager needs to be experimentally evaluated in terms of maintaining consistent quality of service for applications demanding reliable consistent data rates in realistic scenarios.

Path Scheduling:
The second part of the project is to develop a dynamic multi-path scheduling mechanism that can optimally schedule packets across changing numbers of paths that have very different and continually changing characteristics. The implementation will then need to be tested to show its performance in realistic scenarios.

Both parts of the project can be done as completely separate theses, or elements may be combined if pair of students wish to
collaborate together. Ideally it would be good to have both parts tested together as a working whole.


Knowledge of networking is required.
Knowledge of Python and Linux is required.
Knowledge of Matlab or Julia is useful.


  • Özgü Alay
  • David Ros
  • David Hayes

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