Real-World Quantum Software Applications

Are you up for building real-world quantum software?

Quantum computing (QC) promises to revolutionize the present form of computing by solving complex problems that traditional computers would never crack. The rising number of QC platforms also reflects QC's potential to solve highly complex safety and mission-critical problems. Thus, it is the right time to build real-world applications of quantum software applications. Depending on your area of interest (e.g., finance, chemistry, physics, etc.), you will develop quantum algorithms and implement them in a suitable quantum programming language.


The goal is to learn to develop quantum software applications

Learning outcome

You will learn about quantum programming languages and quantum computing.


Basic programming skills in C#, Python, Java, etc. are necessary.


  • Shaukat Ali
  • Tao Yue
  • Sergiy Denysov, Oslo Metropolitan University

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