Simulation-based training for Benefits Management

You will design and validate training scenarios for IT professionals to learn how to manage the design, development, deployment and use of IT systems so that intended benefit is realized.

The purpose of developing IT systems is to help stakeholders generate benefit (for themselves, for a company, for society). Managing IT systems at all stages from design and development to deployment and use, with this 'benefits' focus has proven to be very difficult. You will contribute to designing and validating simulation-based training for IT professionals so that they can learn how to manage IT systems with an explicit benefits focus. The training scenarios will be rooted in benefits management challenges uncovered in research.


The overall goal is to help IT professionals work toward explicit goals of benefit creation (instead of just focusing on time, cost and scope).

Learning outcome

You will learn about software development processes and benefits management in particular. Benefits management skill are highly sought after in the industry. You will learn about simulation-based training and empirical validation.


You must have excellent skills in systematizing knowledge and be fond of collaborating with IT professionals to elicit their opinions and needs for skill enhancement.


Jo Erskine Hannay


Perceived Challenges in Benefits Management - A Study of Public Sector Information Systems Engineering Projects. (2022)

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