A system for planning and analyzing crisis management exercises

Crisis response exercises are held regularly, but often with unclear learning objectives, unplanned data collection and inferior analyses. You will contribute to developing an exercise management system for structured planning, execution and analysis of crisis response exercises.

A recent project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, developed a concept for a crisis exercise management system, where exercise trainers can design scenarios, analyze them for training viability and then deploy them on a gaming platform (e.g., Unity). There are several opportunities within this concept to implement solutions and to study their effects on exercise management.


To implement and test the exercise management concept with crisis response personnel.

Learning outcome

You will learn about crisis response and management. You will learn new ways of programming and how to conduct empirical studies on systems developed through design science.


You should have excellent skills in either front-end or backend programming (or both). You must have the patience to dig into ways of programming unfamiliar to you. If you have skills in Unity, Unreal or similar gaming platforms, that will be an extra bonus.


Jo Erskine Hannay

Collaboration partners

Norsk Regnesentral


Structured crisis training with mixed reality simulations. (2019)

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