Summer internships

Next opportunity for summer internships is in 2020. The application process will open in November/December 2019. Below is a summary of what you can expect from an internship at Simula.

Interested in a summer job at Simula in 2020?

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Looking for a summer job or internship in research? 

Are you curious about how we can use informatics to build a computer model of the heart? How the technology behind the internet works? How to analyze large amounts of data? Or how to construct software that is safe and reliable enough to use in hospitals and on space shuttles? Would you like to work with a highly competent and motivated team of international researchers? Then we at Simula would like to hear from you.


Every year, Simula seeks talented students for summer internships primarily in the fields of informatics, mathematics, and physics. However, other fields may also be relevant. Additionally, we are looking for students with competence and interest in innovation and business development. You are currently pursuing a bachelor or master degree in the above-mentioned fields in Norway. There are no specific grade requirements, but any mention of distinguishing achievements is highly encouraged.


The summer job positions will last for 4-6 weeks between mid-June to mid-August.


At Simula’s premises at Fornebu, about 15 minutes by bus from Oslo city center.

What Simula offers

We can offer exciting work tasks in close collaboration with world-class research groups, as well as excellent working conditions. You will be part of a larger group of students that have a summer internship at Simula. We offer the opportunity to take part in different social activities. As a summer intern you are expected to participate in creating a fun working environment, build future networks, and help each other out when needed.

Simula strives to achieve a good balance between male and female employees, and women are particularly encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions, please contact Elin Backe Christophersen