CBC Talk on Airfoil Optimization Using Accelerators - March 31, 2016

Dr. Lukas Einkemmer from Department of Mathematics, University of Innsbruck will give a talk on Thursday 31 of March at 13:30 in Bakrommet @Simula.

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Airfoil optimization using accelerators

by Dr. Lukas Einkemmer



To find the geometry of an airfoil (a wing cross section) suitable for a specific application is a classic problem in aerodynamics. This part of the design process is now routinely done with specialized software. In this talk we consider a fully automatic approach. That is, given certain design constraints, a computer program generates one or more suggestions for the geometry of the airfoil without user intervention. However, due to the large number of local minima classic optimization algorithms give poor results. An alternative are so-called genetic algorithms. These methods avoid the before mentioned problem but are computationally more expensive. We describe our experience in using an Intel Xeon Phi 7120 and a NVIDIA K80 to accelerate these computations.


31/ Mar 2016 13.30

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