CBC Talk on Features of the Blood Flow in the Curved Vessels - October 29, 2015

Vitalii Overko from the Institute of mathematics, Kiev, Ukraine, giving a talk with title "Features of the blood flow in the curved vessels". The abstract is found below. Note that we'll meet in the management meeting room at 1245!

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Mathematical simulation of the blood flow in the pathologically planar curved and non-planar curved blood vessels was performed. Influence of degrees of the curvature by the intensity and the features of the secondary and the reverse blood
flow in the vessels at different times cardiac cycle was determined. The most significant secondary flow features comprise the generation of non-plane Dean vortices in braking phase of period of the pulsating, as consequent, forming difficult
3D structure of vorticity. The study has indicated that the dominant geometric effects on secondary flow arise in models with uniform number of Dean. Hence, this model has minimal loss of power that is evidence of the stabilising role Dean’s vortex for flow in the curved pipes. Investigation demonstrated that non-planar geometry of the curved channel modifies the features of the flow. This phenomenon has as negative as positive influence on the flow in the blood vessels. Positive influence consists in creating uniform profile velocity.

29/ Oct 2015 12.4513.30



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