CBC Talk on Fully Discrete Central-Upwind Scheme in 2 Space Dimensions - March 31, 2016

PhD student Martina Prugger from Department of Mathematics, University of Innsbruck will give a talk on Thursday 31 of March at 14:15 in Bakrommet @Simula.

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Fully discrete central-upwind scheme in 2 space dimensions

by PhD student Martina Prugger



Solving conservation laws is an important task in the field of computational fluid dynamics (CFD). Since the solution of such partial differential equations (PDE) can develop discontinuities (i.e., shocks), linear and monotone schemes are at most first order accurate (Godunov's theorem). Basic numerical methods that deal with such type of problems are based on solving 1D generalized Riemann problems. However, solving a Riemann problem comes with a large computational cost and furthermore, splitting methods have to be applied to solve problems in more than one spatial dimension.
In this talk, we present a high resolution central-upwind-scheme in 2 space dimensions on a staggered grid in space and evolve the solution without solving a Riemann Problem.

31/ Mar 2016 14.15

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