CBC Workshop on Dynamic Adaptivity - December 9-10, 2015

CBC will host a workshop on Dynamic Adaptivity, December 9-10 in "Storstua" at Simula Research Laboratory.

Total number of participants: 21 
Total number of guests outside of CBC: 8 
Number of different nationalities represented: 7 
Total number of speakers: 9 
Total number of talks: 9 

Workshop on Dynamic Adaptivity

Simula Research Laboratory
Room: Storstua

Wednesday, Dec 9

1200 Lunch.
We will meet in Storstua first.

13:00 Marie Rognes

13:10 Donna Calhoun
ForestClaw: A mapped, multi-block software library for solving conservation laws on locally adaptive, Cartesian meshes.

13:50 Martin Kronbichler
High-performance implementation of adaptive finite elements with matrix-free multigrid methods.

14:30 Anders Logg
Towards an Adaptive Einstein-Vlasov Solver

15:10 Coffee break

15:50 Carl Lundholm
A space-time cut finite element method for a time-dependent parabolic model problem.

16:30 Carsten Burstedde and Johannes Holke, University of Bonn, Germany
Parallel tree algorithms for adaptive mesh refinement.

18:00 Dinner.
Brasserie Blanche. Josefines Gate 23, Oslo

Thursday, Dec 10

9:00 Rolf Krause
Lightweight adaptive methods in space and in space-time for electrophysiology - from spatial adaptivity to space-time adaptivity with local time-stepping

9:40 Pietro Benedusi
A Space-time Parallel Multigrid Solver for Time-Periodic Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations in 3D

10:20 Coffee break

11:00 Gerard Gorman
Scalable anisotropic mesh adaptation

11:40 Benjamin Kehlet
Implicitly adaptive time stepping

12:20 Lunch

09/ Dec 2015 12.0013.00 10/ Dec 2015 13.00