CBC Workshop on Less is More: Reduced-order Modelling - June 26, 2015

Our research partners CBC@NTNU are giving a workshop on reduced order modelling at 12:00 in Bakrommet at Simula. The workshop will be suited for a broad audience within the relevant research field and will start with an "educational" introduction explaining all the "why"s, derive equations from first principles, and show some applications, followed by a coffee break and more technical talks.

Total number of participants: 8
Total number of guests outside of CBC: 1
Number of different nationalities represented: 3
Total number of speakers: 2
Total number of talks: 4

The workshop starts at 12:00 in Bakrommet, Friday 26th of June, 2015


Tentative agenda

Talk 1: Introduction to 1D modeling of the cardiovascular system. Motivation, derivation, application and demonstration (50-60 minutes), by Leif Rune Hellevik

Talk 2: 0D Modelling: Why, When and How (45 minutes), by Jonathan Mynard
Introduction to 0D modelling of the heart and microvascular beds, and coupling with 1D models of large vessel networks. Reduced order modelling as boundary conditions in 3D models.

Talk 3: Demonstration of the Stochastic Arterial Flow Solver (STARFiSh), by Vinzenz/Leif

Talk 4: Reduced-order modelling of cardiovascular system dynamics from adult to fetus” (50-60 mins), by Jonathan Mynard
Overview of models for the adult and fetal circulations and application to congenital heart disease.

Discussion at end

26/ Jun 2015 12.0016.00



Center for Biomedical Computing (CBC) aims to develop and apply novel simulation technologies to reach new understanding of complex physical processes affecting human health. We target selected medical problems where insight from mathematical modeling can contribute to changing clinical practice.

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