CBC Workshop on UFLACS, FInAT, PDELab and COFFEE to Produce New Capabilities for Firedrake, FEniCS and PDELAB - April 21-22, 2015

On 21-22 April CBC hosted a small workshop where we discussed various aspects of integrating UFLACS, FInAT, PDELab and COFFEE to produce new capabilities for Firedrake, FEniCS and/or PDELAB.

Total number of participants: 15
Total number of guests outside of CBC: 1
Number of different nationalities represented: 5
Total number of speakers: 2
Total number of talks: 2


Fabio Luporini
David Ham
Steffen Muthing
Dominic Kempf
Martin Alnæs
Marie Rognes
Xing Cai
Viviane Timmerman
Siri Kallhovd
Johannes Ring
Henrik Finsberg
Simon Funke
Marcus Noack
Person Y

21/ Apr 2015 11.0014.00 22/ Apr 2015 14.00



Center for Biomedical Computing (CBC) aims to develop and apply novel simulation technologies to reach new understanding of complex physical processes affecting human health. We target selected medical problems where insight from mathematical modeling can contribute to changing clinical practice.

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