Launch of Mini-Tutorial and Seminar Series on Machine Learning

We have the pleasure of initiating the series with a 3-hour tutorial on Sparse Representations and their Applications to be delivered by the renowned expert Jean-Luc Starck this Friday, September 2, 09:30-13:00 in Storstua.

Total number of participants: 15
Total number of guests outside of CBC: 10
Number of different nationalities represented: 6
Total number of speakers: 1
Total number of talks: 1



One of the essential parts of the Machine Learning Course at Simula is the Mini-Tutorial and Seminar Series. The series will span from Sep. 2016 until May 2017, where external experts will be invited to present their current research, perspectives of the field, and outline strategies for further development. 

Dr Starck is the Director of Research and head of the CosmoStat laboratory at the Institute of Research into the Fundamental Laws of the Universe, CEA-Saclay, France. The CosmoStat Lab performs interdisciplinary research combining cosmology and statistical methods with a focus on industry-academia partnership. Dr Starck is a recipient of a large number of prestigious national and European grants, such as ERC Advanced Grant and H2020 FET Open to mention a few.

On Friday at Simula, Jean-Luc will present the concept of sparse representations, and demonstrate how sparsity helps to regularize several inverse problems that occurs in different astronomical project such as Corot, PLANCK or Euclid. He will also discuss several applications such as the case of missing data or the component separation problem from one image or from multichannel data.

We are very much looking to welcoming you to the seminar!

02/ Sep 2016 09.3013.00

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