Sign up for the ComPh Modelling week, March 20-24 2017

March 20-24, 2017, Simula hosts a week's course in computational biology and physiology with a focus on medical imaging and modelling.

Important deadlines:

  • Application for stipends: 15 January 2017
  • Student application: 1 February 2017
  • Notification of acceptance: 20 February 2017
  • Notification of stipends: 25 February 2017

Course background and content

Rapid advances in medical imaging and patient-specific computational modelling combined with the on-going explosion of sequencing data and their analysis using bioinformatics provide clinicians and life scientists with a dizzying array of information on which to base their decisions. Due to the heterogeneity/noisiness of the collected data/complexity of the underlying physiology, it also presents major challenges for their adequate data analysis and interpretation.

Taking our motivation from this unmet medical need, the ComPh modelling week will provide unique training opportunities for mathematicians and engineers with the purpose of designing and implementing computational tools for modelling and data analysis from existing and developing experimental modalities in various biomedical fields (cardiology, cancer, etc.). Starting with a gentle introduction to biostatistics, system biology, computational physiology, and big data analysis, the course will discuss state of the art techniques in the corresponding fields as well as their translatability to the routine clinical use. Practical projects outlining industrial and societal challenges will give the opportunity to have hands on experience and apply the techniques to real-life problems.

ComPh is a 30 hours course on computational physiology including theory classes and group work on practical projects. The course covers foundations as well as recent advances in computational physiology, biostatistics with emphasis on risk stratification and disease prediction.

Due to the close supervision and interaction in the project phase, the course enrolment is limited to 60 participants.

More information and how to register for the course

20/ Mar 2017 09.0017.00 24/ Mar 2017 17.00

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