Simula's 3rd International NorNet Users Workshop (NNUW-3)

More than two years ago, the NorNet project has started with the intention to build up the world’s first large-scale network testbed for multi-homed systems. NorNet should provide researchers the possibility to perform experiments in real-world wired and wireless setups. Now, the wired part – denoted as NorNet Core – as well as the wireless part – denoted as NorNet Edge – have reached a stage that allows further researchers to start running such experiments. That is, currently 19 NorNet Core sites and more than 300 NorNet Edge nodes are ready to support your research ideas on resilience, mobility, security, multi-path transport and further subjects!

This workshop intends to provide current as well as new and future NorNet users the possibility to get information about the NorNet testbed and initial research results, to discuss their ideas with the testbed developers and to get the possibility for obtaining access to NorNet.

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28/ Aug 2015 08.0017.00

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