As Simula’s rental agreement at Technopolis expires at the end of 2020, the question arose: should Simula stay at Fornebu?

As directed by the board, Simula conducted a thorough evaluation of the benefits and costs of renewing the current rental agreement at Technopolis versus the possibility of relocating. This evaluation took into account the various impacts of location on Simula’s activities and the working conditions for employees. In the end, a move to downtown Oslo emerged as a clear winner.

Why downtown Oslo:

A downtown location brings Simula closer to major research partners (UiO, OsloMet, SimulaMet and OUS). This allows easier and more frequent access to colleagues and partners, and facilitates deeply collaborative research activities.

Students, both Masters and PhD, will have better access to the courses, colleagues, and social/educational resources available on Oslo’s university campuses.

Simula’s tech start-ups and entrepreneurs will be closer to external actors, investors and customers.

Decreased commute time for both employees and visitors can improve efficiency and working conditions.

Overall, Simula’s activities and (most importantly) its people will benefit from the move to downtown Oslo.

Where downtown:

The hunt for a new location started with approximately 30 locations and has been narrowed down to two finalists. Both locations are excellent options, and include tailor-maid solutions that meet all of Simula’s requirements. Negotiations are ongoing. Once concluded, we look forward to announcing the final downtown location for Simula!

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