Aslak Bergersen wins Norwegian Computing Center's best Master's thesis award

Simula congratulates PhD student Aslak Bergersen, who won the award for best Master's thesis in Mathematics and Computer science at the University of Oslo.

The Norwegian Computing Center is a non-profit foundation devoted to research and development within information and communication technology and applied statistical modeling, and they have been giving the award for best Master's thesis since 2009. This year, the award was shared between Solveig Engebretsen and Simula's own Aslak Bergersen. Aslak wrote his thesis under the supervision of Simula researchers. 

The thesis, titled "Investigating the Link Between Patient-Specific Morphology and Hemodynamics: Implications for Aneurysm Initiation?” has been evaluated to be very impressive by a jury established by the Norwegian Computing Center. The jury stated that Aslak Bergersen has written a  thesis where each of the three subjects contains enough material for a research article, and that each chapter was good enough to be graded "A". 

Aslak Bergersen continues the work he started in his Master's thesis as a PhD student here at Simula, with Kristian Valen-Sendstad as his supervisor.

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