Committee on Digital Vulnerability led by Olav Lysne delivers Official Norwegian Report (NOU)

The report uncovered a number of vulnerabilities in the present national infrastructure, and offers solutions that directly address the issues.

During a press conference on November 30th, Professor Olav Lysne of Simula and the University of Oslo delivered an Official Norwegian Report (NOU 2015: 13 Digital sårbarhet – sikkert samfunn) on the digital vulnerability of the Norwegian society to the Minister of Justice and Public Security Anders Anundsen.

The report is the result of the work of the Norwegian government’s committee on digital vulnerability, which is led by Olav Lysne, briefly called “Lysneutvalget”.

The report concludes that an already large and steadily increasing number of services that are essential to the everyday operation of society rely on digital value chains that are potentially easily disrupted – either by accident, or by anonymous attackers. Digitisation of society has profoundly altered the nature of societal vulnerability, and Lysne pointed out in today’s press conference that several critical services are all dependent on a single core infrastructure.

The report recommends a series of concrete amendments to the current infrastructure, and to the authorities who govern them. Minister of Justice and Public Security Anders Amundsen thanked Professor Lysne and his colleagues in “Lysneutvalget” for their considerable efforts, and said that he looked forward to read the report. 

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