Exploring the power of math at Simula

On Monday 22 May, Simula had the pleasure of hosting competition-winning local and international students from upper secondary school.

These students were the winners of their respective competitions, from the Unge Abel (The Norwegian Centre for Mathematics Education) Abelkonkurransen, a mathematical problem-solving competition for students in upper secondary school and German students from “Tag Der Mathematik” (International Day of Mathematics). They were invited to Oslo to participate in the Abel Week events, including the Abel Prize award ceremony and the Abel Lectures. 

The students were hosted by Simula Academy during their visit to Simula and three of Simula’s early career researchers demonstrated the practical application of mathematics by using their own research as examples. We extend our sincere gratitude to Lena Myklebust for her enlightening talk on “Creating Virtual Hearts for Predicting Heart Failure,” Max Hort for his insightful presentation on “Fair and Correct Word Embeddings,” and Cise Midoglu for her demonstration of “AI-Based Multimedia Production for Soccer.”  These presentations not only shed light on the cutting-edge research taking place at Simula but also demonstrated the diverse practical applications of mathematics.