Funding for nine extra PhDs at Simula as the Norwegian government invests in ICT

Simula has been granted funding for nine additional doctoral candidates. 50 doctoral candidates have been distributed across academic institutions, and nearly half of them are earmarked for ICT research.

A total of 22 positions will be devoted to doctoral positions within ICT research and ICT security across Norwegian universities and academic institutions. This is in addition to the planned increase in educational capacity: In 2018 500 additional ICT students can be educated at Norwegian academic institutions, which adds up to a total of 5000 students when the full capacity can be utilised.

The past few weeks have seen a debate on the lack of cryptology experts in Norway, and this fortification of ICT research and education can be seen as a direct response to the lack of highly educated personnel within the field.

Read more at the pages of the Norwegian Ministry of Research and Education.