Marie Rognes to appear on TEDx

TEDx is an independently organised version of the TED talks, and in May Dr. Marie Rognes will talk about her work next to speakers such as Hadia Tajik, Andreas Wahl, and Professor Jan Grue. Marie will talk about how mathematics can be used to diagnose and treat medical conditions in the future.

Marie Rognes is a Chief Research Scientist at Simula, and is the recipient of several research awards, including the 2015 Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software. Rognes was awarded a Young Research Talents Grant in 2015, and last year she was awarded the prestigious European Research Council Starting Grant for the Waterscales project. She is also a founding member of the Young Academy of Norway.

Rognes has previously worked on developing fluid flow models of the human cardiovascular system in the Centre for Biomedical Computing, and in the next five years Marie will lead the Waterscales project. Waterscales aims to establish the mathematical, numerical and computational foundations for predictively modeling fluid flow and solute transport through the brain across spatiotemporal scales – from the cellular to the organ level. The creation of mathematical models to describe the human body paves the way for an entirely new methodology to understand, diagnose and treat medical conditions.

Tedx Oslo, 2017.

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