Marie Rognes appointed founding member of The Young Academy of Norway

The Young Academy of Norway is a new, interdisciplinary, Norwegian Academy of Sciences dedicated to young researchers.

Starting out in Germany in 2000, such Young Academies now exist in close to 30 countries. In competition with 160 other researchers, Simula researcher and head of the Biomedical Computing department Marie Rognes has been selected as one of the 20 founding members of the Young Academy of Norway.

The Young Academy of Norway will be established on October 29. Its mission is to be an interdisciplinary meeting place, and serve as a platform for research policy development. The Young Academy of Norway has an ambition to be a power house for research dissemination and an attractive discussion arena. The Academy is an initiative of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, with funding from the Ministry of Research and Education.

Marie will join some of the most promising young researchers in all fields from psychology and applied music to medicine and theoretical chemistry.  We congratulate Marie!

You can also read more on the pages of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters (in Norwegian).

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