A new research centre opens at Simula Metropolitan

A new research centre focused on efficient digitalisation of the public sector has now opened at Simula Metropolitan. The centre will exclusively look at providing knowledge about what leads to successful digitisation in the public sector, and to disseminate knowledge that leads to higher efficiency and more value creation.

The centre, named Effective Digitalisation of Public Sector (Norwegian: Effektiv Digitalisering av Offentlig Sektor (EDOS)) will study, learn from, and share knowledge related to digitalisation projects in the public sector.

The centre will be led by Professor Magne Jørgensen, will include members from the IT Management research group, and plan to recruit one senior research scientist and 1-2 PhD-students. 

- Effective digitalisation of the governmental sector is of great importance for the welfare of the citizens. We hope to contribute to even greater benefits from digitalisation investments and less failed digitalisation projects, says Jørgensen.

The main goal of the centre is to contribute to better implementation of digitalisation of the public sector. This will be achieved through empirical research on relevant topics of a technical, organisational and social nature. The centre will contribute new knowledge about effective digitalisation, input to improve processes and methods for developing digital solutions, as well as research-based assistance to the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation and other parts of the public sector.

The centre is funded by the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation.  


To read more visit the EDOS website by clicking here. 

The centre is currently recruiting PhD students - click here for more information. 



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