Norwegian mobile broadband - 10th annual report from CRNA

Simula Metropolitan’s Center for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA) performs long-term measurements of Norwegian mobile broadband networks. The measurements form the basis for an annual report on the stability and performance of these networks.

CRNA is part of the Simula Metropolitan Center for Digital Engineering that conducts basic research in the field of robustness and security in networks with funding from the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation of Norway. The center produces an annual report on the state of Norwegian mobile networks. This year's report is the tenth in a row.

Report summary

The results presented this year are based on active measurements from 141 stationary measurement points spread over large parts of Norway. 20 of these receive 5G signals, and are equipped with Telia and Telenor SIM cards. The rest only receive 4G signals, and are equipped with Telia, Telenor or Ice mobile SIM cards.

In 2022, the generally positive development trend in experienced stability and performance continued. The transition to 5G infrastructure in Telenor and Telia has led to substantial performance increases in download speeds compared to previous years. The improvements in infrastructure related to 5G build-up also benefit 4G users.

Many of the measuring nodes reported even better availability compared to the past two years. This does not apply to all nodes, which may be related to the 5G expansion. 

“In 2022 we measured roughly the same stability among the Norwegian mobile network operators (MNOs).  It is worth noting that, for the first time, we have measured a marginally better dataplane performance, meaning the lowest packet loss, for Ice mobil than Telenor or Telia. It will be interesting to see whether Ice mobil can keep this position in the future, now that they also are accelerating the build-up of their 5G capabilities”, says Tarik Cicic, senior researcher at CRNA and responsible for the report. 

The report (in Norwegian) is available here.

Questions regarding the report may be directed to Tarik Cicic.


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