Norwegian mobile broadband - fourth annual report from CRNA

Simula's Center for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA) performs long-term measurements of Norwegian mobile broadband networks. The measurements form the basis for an annual report on the stability and performance of these networks. The fourth annual report has now been released.

– This year’s report shows that the positive development in the experienced stability of mobile broadband networks, which we reported the last two years, have continued in 2016, says Ahmed Elmokashfi, responsible for the report. Users experience fewer service disconnects, less packet loss and almost no large scale outages. Half of the measured connections now enjoy a 99.99% uptime. Much of this positive development can be attributed to the fast and ubiquitous rollout of 4G.  

A major addition in this year’s report is measurements of various aspects of applications performance. The report shows typical upload and download speeds and how speed influences user experience of popular applications like web surfing and video streaming. The main finding is that today’s networks are well capable of catering for these applications. Download speeds between 5-7 Mbit/s are sufficient to meet the expectations of most popular applications. Hence, the maximum speeds, often reported in marketing campaigns, are only interesting from a theoretical point of view.      

The report (in Norwegian) is available here. For further information about the report, please contact Ahmed Elmokashfi.