Oslo and Akershus University College pledge 10 MNOK for collaborative research centre with Simula

In yesterday's board meeting at Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA), the final agreement was reached to open the Center for Digital Engineering (CDE). This collaboration between the University College and Simula aims to increase the research and educational capacity within ICT and digitisation in Norway.

In preparation for the digitisation of society

The creation of the Center for Digital Engineering is a direct response to the national and European need for greater capacity within ICT research and digitisation. The centre will perform research according to high international standards, and it will also supervise students from HiOA on the graduate level. Finally, the centre will contribute to the establishment of a PhD programme at HiOA that is in accord with the centre's scientific profile. 

The digitisation of society and the labour market means that the varieties of profession-oriented education provided by HiOA could change significantly in the coming years. A higher level of competence within ICT and digitisation will enable HiOA to adapt and perform ahead of this development. Further, HiOA has an extensive selection of ICT-related subjects on Bachelor and Master's levels, but no ICT subjects on the PhD level. Simula on the other hand, has considerable supervision activity on both Master's and PhD levels, and can contribute to the development of the academic community at the University College.

Purpose and goals

Simula and HiOA agree that the centre should meet the following criteria:

  • To perform research at a high international level,
  • To strengthen HiOA's role as a university through the construction of academically strong and recognised research activity,
  • To increase the capacity for student supervision at HiOA's PhD and Master's levels,
  • To contribute to the developement of HiOA academic community and study programmes within ICT and digitisaiton,
  • To reach a quality of research that is so high that the centre is a real competitor to the most prestigious funding frameworks, such as the Norwegian Research Council's SFI and SFF programmes.

10 MNOK will be contributed to the centre annually by both Simula and HiOA. CDE will be located at HiOA, and will be organised much like Simula is today, which ensures an academically oriented strategy. The long term plan for the centre is to supervise ten Master's and five PhD candidates each year. The planned opening of the centre will be January 1, 2018.

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