Ragnhild Eg successfully defended her PhD

On Thursday, October 30 2014, Ragnhild Eg successfully defended her PhD thesis Preserving temporal integration in multimedia: Perceived synchrony across audiovisual content and quality distortions.

The defense took place at 12.15pm at Forsamlingssalen at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo. 

Eg’s thesis investigates the perception of audiovisual information conveyed through multimedia systems. Her work focuses primarily on the temporal integration of audio and video, through the perception of synchrony, and how current technological constraints present the human senses with less than optimal sensory information.

From a series of behavioural experiments, Eg found that human perception is not dependent on the full auditory spectrum, nor on fine-grained visual details, in order to align the senses in time. In fact, humans perceive synchrony far more differently across distinct audiovisual events than they do across quality distortions.

The thesis is written within the field of cognitive psychology. The work has been conducted at Simula Research Laboratory.

Prior to the defense, at 10.15am, Ragnhild Eg presented her trial lecture on Multisensory speech perception.

The adjudication committee

  • Dr. Zhuanghua Shi, Department Psychologie, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Dr. Kaisa Tiippana, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki
  • Professor Roald Bjørklund, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo

Chair of the disputation

  • Professor Geir Overskeid, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo


  • Dr. Alexander Eichhorn, KidTsunami
  • Dr. Knut Inge Fostervold, Department of Psychology, University of Oslo
  • Dr. Dawn Behne, Department of Psychology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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