Simula announces today that Bluware Corp has acquired Kalkulo AS

Kalkulo AS has been acquired by Bluware Corp, an American-owned software company in the oil and gas industry.

Kalkulo was established in 2006 as a commercial subsidiary of Simula Research Laboratory. Providing cutting edge software solutions for complex challenges, Kalkulo has worked with companies in the energy sector.

“Kalkulo has continuously targeted the transformation of results from cutting-edge computational research into end-user value for energy companies with challenging needs for geological and geophysical modeling. Empowered by Bluware’s technology and complementary competence we will be able to tackle even larger and tougher problems, to the benefit of existing and new clients,” says Dr. Are Magnus Bruaset, CEO of Kalkulo.  

Simula’s strategy is to invest in promising tech start-up companies and, once those companies are mature and independent, to sell off these shares for profit. This profit is then reinvested into Simula’s activities, such as new research projects or investing in new tech start-ups.

Professor Aslak Tveito, Managing Director of Simula, expressed his gratitude to the employees of Kalkulo for the work they have done. “Simula is deeply dedicated to bringing useful results back into society, and Kalkulo has done that in the most direct manner possible: by solving actual real-world problems. Let that legacy of Kalkulo live on as a constant challenge to the rest of us.”

About Kalkulo AS

Kalkulo was established in 2006 as a commercial subsidiary of Simula Research Laboratory. While the original mission for Kalkulo was to take care of the technology development connected to a comprehensive and long-term R&D collaboration with Statoil (from 2018 rebranded as Equinor), the business has grown to cover a diversified portfolio of clients primarily in the energy sector. While most of Kalkulo's work is in the oil and gas sector, contributing advanced methods for computational modeling and data analysis, we are also involved in creating software solutions for renewable energy and for environmental monitoring. For more information, visit

About Bluware Corp.

Bluware Corp is a privately-owned company enabling Oil & Gas Companies to drive innovation and business value-generation utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Earlier this year, Shell and Anadarko announced that they selected Bluware’s platform and technologies. Bluware’s platform and technologies are also in use with two other supermajors, two large national oil companies as well as independents and leading ISVs. Bluware is actively engaged with the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU), and contributed and open-sourced the OpenVDS technology for unlimited, universal seismic data storage and data handling in the cloud to OSDU. For more information, visit


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