Simula article in the top 100 most read scientific papers

A research article written by Simula researcher Vegard Vinje has been placed as one of the top 100 downloaded neuroscience papers in Scientific Reports for 2019.

The research article "Respiratory influence on cerebrospinal fluid flow - a computational study based on long-term intracranial pressure measurements" was downloaded 3, 933 times last year. This puts the paper as the 43 most downloaded paper. Scientific Reports published more than 1710 neuroscience papers in 2019. 

The article explores the importance of respiratory versus cardiac pressure gradients for CSF flow within one of the primary conduits of the brain, the cerebral aqueduct. 

"Coming in top 100 out of 1700 is a fantastic achievement, and Simula is proud of the work done by Vegard Vinje along with Marie Rognes, Lars Magnus Valnes, and Kent-André Mardal," says Kyrre Lekve, deputy managing director.

Vinje, a postdoctoral fellow at Simula Research Laboratory, won in 2019 the Simula Researcher of Year award for his work within scientific computing. Managing Director Aslak Tveito awards the prize each year.  

Scientific Reports is an online multidisciplinary open-access journal published by Nature Research. It covers all areas of the natural sciences. 

The article was written in conjunction with Simula researcher Marie Rognes, Lars Magnus Valnes, and Kent-André Mardal, as well as researchers Geir Ringstad, Erika K. Lindstrøm and Per Kristian Eide from the University of Oslo. 


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