Simula coding course wrap-up

Monday marked the last session of the spring coding course for children hosted by Simula. This initiative was started in spring 2022, in which devoted Simula employees combined their programming skills and teaching experience to offer useful and welcoming activities for Ukrainian children in Oslo.


The coding courses have been educational, entertaining, and importantly, a medium for social interaction for the children. To add a jubilant note to Monday’s finale, the children also watched the Nations League football match between Ukraine and Malta, which culminated in a thrilling victory for Ukraine.

A huge thank you to Inna Olafsson Maliuta for coordinating the course, and translating when needed, and to Eli Ruud Dankel and Uladzislau Lazouski for preparing and delivering the lectures. Thanks also to the numerous Simula employees that also volunteered their time to assist in these courses. 



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