Simula Innovation awarded 5MNOK through Innovation Norway's pre-seed capital scheme

Simula Innovation have been awarded 5MNOK by Innovation Norway, to be invested in promising startup companies in the pre-seed phase.

Pre-seed funds are typically invested in companies in the very first round of funding, early in a company's life cycle. The pre-seed capital scheme is a new instrument organised by Innovation Norway to increase the availability of early-phase risk capital to promising companies. The 5 million in pre-seed capital from Innovation Norway will be managed by Simula Innovation and must be matched with private capital.

Simula Innovation AS (SI) is a commercialisation company established by Simula Research Laboratory in 2004. SI organises technology transfer from research to business, and assists in commercialisation of research results through industrial partnerships and creation of spinouts. SI is also an investor and invests in early-phase technology companies within ICT.

If you have questions about the pre-seed capital and Simula Innovation, contact Deputy Director of Simula Innovation Christian Hemmestad Bjerke.

Innovation Norway has further reading on the pre-seed capital scheme (Norwegian).

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