Simula introduces Baby Bonus for employees

Simula will provide new parents with a one-time 25 000 NOK payout. The Baby Bonus is an initiative that aims to strengthen a family-friendly working environment and support new parents in balancing the demands of work and infants.

Employees in temporary educational positions can apply for four extra months

In addition to the one time 25 000 NOK payout, PhD and Postdoctoral candidates can apply to have their contract extended by four months. The bonus applies from January 1st, 2018.

– The PhD thesis is one of the most demanding and intensive periods in a researcher's life, and it often corresponds with the period where many people have children, says Marianne Aasen, Director of the Simula School of Research and Innovation.  –  We want to give a clear signal to our employees that we think it's a good thing that they have children. It's important to us that they are happy both at work and at home, and we want them to know that we will accommodate a healthy balance between work and family, Aasen continues.

The bonus was announced last week at an internal biweekly Thursday cake event at Simula, by Director of Corporate Development Rachel Thomas. The bonus is available for both mothers and fathers, and for all Simula employees – not just the researchers. The management will take extra care of those who are writing their PhD thesis, and will offer them four extra months of funding.

Baby Bonus cake (Photo: Karoline Hagane/Simula)