Simula part of European AI project

The AI4EU project, which Simula is part of, has been granted EUR 20 million to build a European AI-on-demand platform. With 80 partners in 21 countries this platform aims to stimulate scientific discovery and technological innovation, by connecting and opening European AI resources. Simula's cut is EUR 500 000.

Simula has strong background on research-based innovation and will contribute by leading and monitoring the advancement of the pilot experiments among other tasks. Senior Research Scientist Dusica Marijan and Chief Research Scientist Arnaud Gotlieb will represent Simula in this collaboration. 

“Strategically, it is very important that Simula is a part of a project like this” Arnaud Gotlieb says, and continues “AI is one of the most transformative technologies right now!”

Alongside Simula, ABB Norway, Telenor and NTNU are Norwegian organizations with important roles in the AI4EU Consortium. 

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