Simula researchers in the new convergence environment AUTORYTHM

Marie E. Rognes and Michael A. Riegler will join an interdisciplinary research group with five researchers from UiO. Together they will study the recycling system of our cells in time and space - ultimately aiming to improve people’s health and life span.

UiO:Life Science will fund six new convergence environments that will address major societal challenges in life sciences. One of these is AUTORYTHM - an interdisciplinary research environment to elucidate the role of autophagy in healthy aging. AUTORYTHM aims to build a strong interdisciplinary research environment to explore complex biological problems. 

Michael A. Riegler is a Chief Research Scientist from the HOST department at SimulaMet and Marie E. Rognes is a Chief Research Scientist from the SCAN department at Simula Research Laboratory. Riegler will work mainly with machine learning in the project, specifically deep learning for image segmentation and quantification of uncertainty. Rognes will contribute mathematical and computational insight to model the rhythms of autophagy. 

– For this project we will put a strong focus on making the machine learning models more useful and interpretable between the different fields. This is something that is often lacking when machine learning is applied to a specific domain and I am looking very much forward to tackling this challenge with all the amazing researchers in the group, says Riegler. 

- Our vision within the AUTORHYTHM project is to combine mathematics, music technology and life science to create a vibrant and radically innovative environment for understanding the rhythms of life, says Rognes. 

The environment is led by Professor Anne Simonsen from the Institute for Basic Medical Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oslo (UiO). The environment will be hosted at the Faculty for the Medicine at UiO. Alongside Marie E. Rognes and Michael Riegler, these are the principle investigators in the environment: 

  • Andreas Carlson, Professor, Dept. of Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UiO
  • Jorrit Enserink, Group Leader, Institute for Cancer Research (ICR), Oslo University Hospital (OUH) and Adjunct professor, Department of Biosciences, UiO 
  • Helene Knævelsrud, Project leader, Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital 
  • Alexander Refsum Jensenius, Professor, Dept. of Musicology and Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion (CoE-RITMO), UiO  

For more information see the announcement at UiO’s pages. 


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