Simula UiB recieves funding from the European Space Agency

Eirik Rosnes, Chief Research Scientist and Section Leader of the Information Theory Section at Simula UiB, received funding of EUR 60 000 for the project "Wideband RF over IP demonstrator". This project is funded by the European Space Agency.

"RF over IP technology has become more and more popular," explains Eirik Rosnes. "It allows for splitting the location of the modem processing and the antenna without using very costly dark fibre connections or having any limit on the distance between the modem site and the antenna site, both for military use and commercial satcom."

The project will explore advanced compression techniques of high bandwidth analogue signals for this scenario. The focus is to design and implement a bidirectional wideband RF over IP module with the target to support bandwidths up to 5 GHz. The targeted use-case scenarios are bi-directional VSAT communication and downlink from earth observation satellites. A main challenge in the project is the design and implementation of efficient compression algorithms of high bandwidth analogue signals, like Rice-Golomb coding and more advanced compressed sensing techniques like Xampling.

"We are grateful to the project coordinator WideNorth AS and the European Space Agency (ESA) for funding this project, which will develop both new compression algorithms as well as an advanced test bed," says Eirik Rosnes.