Write your master thesis with Simula?

Simula Research Laboratory offers enrolled master's students at collaborating degree-granting institutions the opportunity to write their thesis under the supervision of our researchers. As a student at Simula you will benefit from being part of an active environment, both professionally and socially.

Three pillars of research - many and varied opportunities

Simula's three core research areas are communication systems, scientific computing, and software engineering, and master students and researchers from a variety of fields and background collaborate on research projects that are related to these three fields. Though the majority of master's students at Simula have a background in computer science, candidates with other backgrounds are also able to apply. As of today, students that have degrees in fields such as psychology, mathematics and physics are also collaborating with Simula researchers. 

High quality supervision and applicable research topics

By writing your thesis under the supervision of Simula Researchers, you will get an introduction to the craft of research and in particular experience how research is done at Simula. Simula offers an international research environment, and relevant research topics under high quality supervision. Successful master students will have a good starting point for pursuing a career in research, at Simula or elsewhere.

Current available projects

The current selection of available master projects is presented on Simula’s web site. If you consider doing your master project at Simula, you should contact potential supervisors in our research departments. In addition to the predefined master projects, it might be possible to design a project that is tailored for your interests and background. The only prerequisite is that you are enrolled with any of the degree-granting institution with which Simula collaborates, as Simula does not award the degree itself. Simula collaborates with UiO, NTNU and many others.

For more information, use the provided links or contact advisor Elin Backe Christophersen for practical information.