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Applied Science & Technology
University of California, Berkeley
June 2013
Engineering Physics
Santa Clara University
June 2007


Steering Council Member
Project Jupyter
September 2016


Software System Award (Jupyter)
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
May 2018
Moore Data Fellow
Moore Foundation
September 2015

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Talks, invited

In SOS21, Davos, Switzerland, 2017.
Status: Published
In 2nd Conference on Non-Textual Information, Hannover, Germany, 2017.
Status: Published

Talks, contributed

In FEniCS’17, Luxembourg, 2017.
Status: Published
In Computational Mathematics with Jupyter workshop, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2017.
Status: Published
In EuroSciPy 2017, Erlangen, Germany, 2017.
Status: Published
In SIAM CSE 2017, Atlanta, USA. SIAM Conference on Computational Science and Engineering, 2017.
Status: Published

Talks, invited

In JupyterDay Orsay, 2016.
Status: Published
In Swedish Bioinformatics Workshop, 2016.
Status: Published