Ola Skavhaug

Innovation Manager, On leave
Mobile: +47 926 12 490
Office: +47 67 82 82 96

Dr. Ola Skavhaug received his PhD thesis from the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo,  in 2004. Currently, Skavhaug is working as an innovation manager in Simula Innovation.

Research interests
Software development in computational science is a time consuming task. Ola's primary research interest is to understand how scientific programs should be implemented, i.e., to understand how PDE simulators can be made flexible, maintainable, and numerically efficient. An important point in today's software development in computational science is the re-use of existing software modules in such a way that the modules constitute a complete framework for the numerical solution of PDEs. Skavhaug has for several years worked on how to equip compile language libraries with high-level scripting capabilities for rapid development of concrete applications.

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