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MSc, Mechanics
University of Oslo
June 2016
PhD, Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics
University of Oslo
September 2019


Engineering Student of the Year
Universum and Forsvarsmateriell
April 2016

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Journal articles

PhD theses

In The University of Oslo. Vol. PhD. Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo, 2019.
Status: Published

Talks, invited

In The 2019 CSF Symposium, Oslo, Norway, 2019.
Status: Published
In Bio-Mechanics workshop on cell membrane dynamics, active matter and plasticity in tissue, Tøyen Hovedgård, Oslo, Norway, 2019.
Status: Published

Talks, contributed

In International congress on industrial and applied mathematics, Valencia, Spain. ICIAM, 2019.
Status: Published

Public outreach

In, 2019.
Status: Published
In KVF. Faroe Islands: KVF, 2019.
Status: Published
In Nrk Norgesglasset. NRK, 2019.
Status: Published