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Edited books

Vol. 13(3). Eurographics, 1994.
Status: Published

Talks, contributed

In Talk at the Colorado Conference on Iterative Methods, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA, 1994.
Status: Published
In Talk at Second Hellenic Conference on Mathematics and Informatics (HERMIS'94), Athens, Greece, 1994.
Status: Published
In Norwegian Telecom Research Note, 18/94, (in Norwegian), 1994.
Status: Published
In CSRR 94-13, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Tromso, 1994.
Status: Published
In Talk at the Symposium on Waves and Nonlinear Processes in Hydrodynamics, Oslo, 1994.
Status: Published
In Talk at The Second Annual Conference on Object-Oriented Numerics, Sunriver, Oregon, USA, 1994.
Status: Published
In Proceedings Journees du GDR Programmation, Lille (France), GDR Programmation du CNRS, 1994.
Status: Published