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Proceedings, refereed

In Proceedings of the International Conference ParCo 2005, September 13-16, Malaga, Spain. Volume 33 in NIC series. John von Neumann Institute for Computing, 2006.
Status: Published
In The 24th International EuroPACS Conference. EuroPACS, 2006.
Status: Published
In ECCOMAS CFD 06. European Community on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, 2006.
Status: Published

Talks, contributed

In Tutorial presented at the Para06 Workshop, 2006.
Status: Published
In Poster at Impact craters as indicators for planetary environmental evolution and astrobiology, 2006.
Status: Published
In Presented at St Jude Medical, Stockholm, Sweeden, 2006.
Status: Published
In Invited lecture at Dagstuhl conference Architectures and Algorithms for Petascale Computing, 2006.
Status: Published