AuthorsD. Pradhan, S. Wang, S. Ali, T. Yue and M. Liaaen
EditorsA. Memon and Y. Nishi
TitleCBGA-ES: A Cluster-Based Genetic Algorithm with Elitist Selection for Supporting Multi-objective Test Optimization
AfilliationSoftware Engineering
Project(s)The Certus Centre (SFI)
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2017
Conference Name10th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST 2017)

Multi-objective search algorithms (e.g., non- dominated sorting genetic algorithm II (NSGA-II)) have been frequently applied to address various testing problems requiring multi-objective optimization such as test case selection. However, existing multi-objective search algorithms have certain randomness when selecting parent solutions for producing offspring solutions. In the worse case, suboptimal parent solutions may result in offspring solutions with bad quality, and thus affect the overall quality of the next generation. To address such a challenge, we propose a cluster-based genetic algorithm with elitist selection (CBGA-ES) with the aim to reduce such randomness for supporting multi-objective test optimization. We empirically compared CBGA-ES with random search, greedy (as baselines) and four commonly used multi-objective search algorithms (e.g., NSGA-II) using three industrial test optimization problems, i.e., test suite minimization, test case prioritization, and test case selection. The results showed that CBGA-ES significantly outperformed the baseline algorithms (e.g., greedy), and the four selected search algorithms for all the three test optimization problems. CBGA-ES managed to outperform more than 75% of the objectives for all the four algorithms in each test optimization problem. Moreover, CBGA- ES was able to improve the quality of the solutions for an average of 32.5% for each objective as compared to the four algorithms for the three test optimization problems. 

Citation Key24925