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Book chapters

In The Mjølnir Impact Event and its Consequences, 257-271. Springer, 2010.
Status: Published
In Optical-Thermal Response of Laser-Irradiated Tissue. second ed. Springer, 2010.
Status: Published
In Automated Scientific Computing. Springer, 2010.
Status: Published
In Computational Cardiovascular Mechanics - Modeling and Applications in Heart Failure, 227-239. Springer, 2010.
Status: Published
In Advanced Computational Infrastructures for Parallel and Distributed Adaptive Applications, 29-43. Wiley Series of Parallel and Distributed Computing. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley, 2010.
Status: Published

PhD theses

University of Oslo, 2010.
Status: Published
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, 2010.
Status: Accepted