AuthorsJ. F. Urstad, K. Davis and G. Horn
TitleFrogs in a Wheelbarrow? the Role and Challenges of the Project Manager Throughout the Life Cycle of a European Union Funded R&D Project From the Proposal to the Completion Stage
Publication TypeProceedings, refereed
Year of Publication2005
Conference NamePMI Global Congress EMEA 2005, Edinburg, Scotland, May 23-25
Date PublishedMay
PublisherProject Management Institute (PMI)
Place PublishedEMEA Service Centre, 300, Avenue Tervueren, B-1150 Brussels, Belgium,

The paper highlights the unique role of the project manager engaged in an EU funded R&D project. The challenges have a dual facet. Project management skill is particularly demanding due to the necessity of pulling together a project proposal based on the wishes and desires of from six to thirty consortium partners. This is in addition to handling the language and cultural barriers of the partners that come from diverse countries and disciplines. Most tasks are conducted in a virtual project setting via the Internet. The project manager must at all times adhere to the rules and regulations of the CEC, the Commission of the European Communities, which are stringent and uncompromising regarding reporting and project control, as well as release of funds. The Brussels based Project Officer autocratically represents the EC with full decisive power over the project and thus autocratically represents the primary EC stakeholder. Languages and cultural barriers of the partners from diverse countries and disciplines are daunting.

Citation KeyFrost-urstad.2005.1