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These figures represent the summarized historical developments of Simula owned published entries in the following publication categories: journal articles, books, edited books, refereed proceedings, and book chapters.

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Edited books

Vol. 79 in Studies in Computational Intelligence. Springer, 2008.
Status: Published

Book chapters

In Springer: Wireless Networks, Information Processing and Systems Book Chapter, 110-117. Vol. 20. Springer Berlin Heidelberg: Springer, 2008.
Status: Published
In Advances in Greedy Algorithms, 39-54. Vienna: IN-TECH Education and Publishing, 2008.
Status: Published
In Communications in Computer and Information Science, 136-152. Springer, 2008.
Status: Published
In Guide to Advanced Empirical Software Engineering, 201-228. Springer, 2008.
Status: Published