AuthorsE. Tasoulas, B. D. Johnsen and E. G. Gran
TitleSystem and Method for Providing an InfiniBand SR-IOV vSwitch Architecture for a High Performance Cloud Computing Environment
AfilliationCommunication Systems, Communication Systems
Project(s)ERAC: Efficient and Robust Architecture for the Big Data Cloud
Publication TypePatent
Year of Publication2016
Application NumberUS15/050,901
Date Published02/2016
Patent TypePending

Systems and methods are provided for implementing a Virtual Switch (vSwitch) architecture that supports transparent virtualization and live migration. In an embodiment, a vSwitch with prepopulated Local Identifiers (LIDs). Another embodiment provides for vSwitch with dynamic LID assignment. Another embodiment provides for vSwitch with prepopulated LIDS and dynamic LID assignment Moreover, embodiments of the present invention provide scalable dynamic network reconfiguration methods which enable live migrations of VMs in network environments.

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